DTO Industries Nigeria

DTO INDUSTRIES NIGERIA LTD is a fully owned Nigeria Company with head office in Nigeria and branch office in Dubai. We Manufacture Nonferrous Metals from our production factories in Nigeria West Africa.

Our products meets all international production standards and business standards and we follow all International manufacturing process.


We Manufacture:

DTO Industries Manufactures:

Lead ingots

Aluminum ingots

Copper ingots

We Offer


DTO Industries Nigeria Ltd is constantly seeking new opportunities to expand our network of buyers and suppliers, our connections and expertise in the Mining industry in Nigeria can be a valuable asset for investors looking to Mine Lithium ores and other Raw Materials in Nigeria.


Mining Investments in Africa

“Africa's profitability is one of the best kept secrets in today's world economy.”
-Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General

The potential for highly profitable foreign investment in Africa is enormous, but many investors remain unaware of how to capitalize on it. Most of Africa’s natural resources remain undeveloped because of a lack of foreign investment. Investing in the mining industry today can help your company establish an independent source of raw materials into the future.

We identify reliable suppliers in West Africa that are in need of mining equipment, storage facilities and training to work more efficiently. Investment options include resource development agreements, buying shares of stock and land holdings. Our program has already yielded profitable partnerships in Ghana, Nigeria and Guinea.

Learn how you can invest in a developing mining business.